Virtual Reality Therapy for Anxiety


Virtual reality therapy (VRT) cure traumatic anxiety and stress in people. Throughout the treatment, patients frequently see simulated environments to beat difficulties of history. This therapy has complex procedures, and that’s why only skilled doctors are capable of doing it.

This therapy can effectively cure alcoholism, eating disorders, anxiety about speaking in public, anxiety about flying, and much more. An online atmosphere is created according to patient’s memory. Visuals and sounds are put in this virtual atmosphere to make it near to real situation. Patients who fear so much flaying could see simulation of plane, and sexual assault victims could see an individual approaching inside a dark place. Throughout the treatment, therapists continuously talk to patients.

What Science states relating to this Therapy

Scientific evidence can be obtained, Virtual therapy and hypnosis (also referred to as virtual hypnosis therapy) cure anxiety about speaking in public, anxiety, stress, and emotional discomfort. Many scientific theories suggest applying three-dimensional technology and hypnosis together to assist patients.

Not lengthy ago, an investigation report provided evidence that virtual hypnosis works well against neuropathic discomfort. In this research, tests were conducted on the female patient which had five years of unsuccessful treatment. Patient could overcome her condition as much as 36% in 33 sessions. These virtual sessions were effective as rival non-virtual hypnosis treatment. The title of the research was ?Cyberpsychology, Behavior, and Social Media?.

Another research that combined emotional therapy with virtual reality, shows that positive feelings can enhance activity management in people. The study was conducted to represent acceptability, satisfaction, and efficiency of the therapy for promoting positive feelings. These studies provides evidence this therapy cure panic and anxiety.