Synthetic Drugs and kids


As though the risks of conventional street medicine is not a good enough menace towards the safety and well-being in our children, now we need to bother about the specter of Synthetic Drugs resulting in the same effects and addictions as Marijuana and Amphetamines.

What exactly are Synthetic Drugs? You may ask… Synthetic Medicine is plant material laced with Synthetic Cannabinoids (Marijuana) or man made chemicals associated with Amphetamines. The Synthetic Cannabinoids, frequently referred to as “K2” or “Spice”, are packaged as herbal incense and fertilizer and labeled ” not for people to drink” to mask its illicit purpose. The Synthetic Amphetamines are packaged as ” Bath Salts “. These synthetic drugs can easily be bought and available to children of every age group at some corner stores, gasoline stations and supermarkets.

Due to the deceitful packaging of those drugs, children can certainly bring the drugs to their homes without having to be detected through the parents. Parents might spot the colorful packages laying around and can think these are merely simple bath salts or incense so that they won’t ever suspect their kids are becoming high (using drugs). Parents along with other family people will certainly notice their children’s erratic behavior but can not suspect any drug abuse, particularly when the kids never leave their sight after they are home.

Synthetic medicine is very harmful and they’ve arrived at alarming rates national among our youth. These medicine is difficult to identify through the conventional drug testing methods employed to identify other drugs. Fortunately, technologies have swept up and drug testing laboratories are actually supplying synthetic drug testing.

A few of the signs and symptoms of synthetic drug abuse are:

Inexplicable coffee grinder throughout the house, K2/Spice is ground-up to become smoked

Pipes along with other drug paraphernalia

Alternation in personality

Aggressive behavior

Unusual requirement for privacy


Excessive texting or calls

Stealing money from family people



Chest discomfort

Cardiac arrest


The above mentioned listed signs are however a couple of of the numerous signs and symptoms. As a parent, we have to remain vigilant to ensure that our kids are as a long way away as you possibly can from drugs. If you think your son or daughter or someone in your folks are utilizing drugs, show him/her you’re concerned and bring your kid to some reliable drug testing laboratory to become tested. When the drug test answers are positive, you have to remain calm and quickly seek alcohol and drugs detox centers that will help you and the one you love along the way. The most crucial factor is to buy all of the assist you to requirement for your son or daughter.

We reside in a busy world but when we’ve children, we have to designate a couple of minutes every day to talk with them. Talking about all of the risks of substance abuse as well as their negative effects, allows them to know where we stand about maintaining a medication free atmosphere. Pay attention to what your kids are saying for you regarding their daily achievements, fears and frustrations. Become familiar with all of their buddies, too. Exchanging points of views about existence together with your children can create more powerful family bonds and hopefully prevent substance abuse.