Drug-free Office Atmosphere


Considering that 77 percent of drug users within the U.S. are utilized, based on the U.S. Bls, it makes sense that corporations wish to encourage a secure drug-free office atmosphere. Since many companies allow us a zero tolerance for drug abuse, many have made a decision to produce a drug-free office atmosphere. However, there’s an increasing concern regarding how companies execute their policy.

Random Drug Testing

Among the policies which have been implemented by a lot of professional corporations are random urine drug testing. These tests at random select employees to check on for drug abuse and stop the worker from cleaning their system. The reason for random drug tests would be to prevent accidents and casualties at work that derive from employees being intoxicated by drugs.

Cuts Lower on Workplace Accidents

The U.S. Bls reports that 33 to 50 % of drug users are less productive than employees that don’t use drugs. Based on the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, typically drug users miss 30 to 35 days yearly that is three occasions as much as non drug users. Further, the Worker Assistance Society of The United States, drug users are 40 % more prone to engage in a business office accident and 50 % more prone to apply for worker’s comp.

Increases Worker Performance

Knowing that, employers that believe their worker performance has been hindered by drug abuse for example habitual tardiness or otherwise reporting to operate (presenting a disheveled appearance or smell of marijuana the organization may need a medication test. While employees reason that these practices really are a breach of the privacy, corporations counter they have the right to safeguard company assets.

Offers Assistance through Programs

Developing substance abuse awareness training and making drug-free work atmosphere education a part of an important employment program might help to produce a drug-free office, while developing a safe working atmosphere as well as reduce the amount of employees which have drug abuse issues.

For workers which have drug abuse, most worker insurance coverage cover drug detox in addition to alcohol and drugs detox and treatment programs. A lot of companies offer additional counseling with the Employees Assistance Program. With respect to the kind of substance abuse, the regularity of drug abuse and just how lengthy drugs happen to be used, it might be essential to enter a clinical detox program to cleanse the drug toxins out of your system prior to starting alcohol and drugs detox treatment.